The Journey… continued #4

Define Your Dream


Do you want to be successful? Define your dream!

Please pardon the redundancy, but I would like to first relay a specific thought from my previous article to begin here:

“There is no instruction for using the imagination, nor is there a certain directive for utilizing dreams. That particular processing is entirely up to you. On the other hand, using the imagination wisely and properly focusing on your dreams as the driving force to obtain your deepest desires will provide your avenue to a happy, fulfilling and successful life!”

Dreams are, indeed, a useful tool—especially those that define one’s innermost desires to gain a particular thing or achieve a certain goal. In fact, the importance of dreaming, both consciously and subconsciously, should not be taken lightly. Dreams are absolutely crucial to determining the outcome of obtaining what one wants!

To be perfectly clear on this, I should clarify that I am not referring within this writing to “night dreams,” or those we have when we sleep. Rather, I will be focused to those types of dreams that are the consciously inclined, and to the productive ones that are subconsciously implanted. In this, the dreams I speak of, as referenced here, are those that are the internal wants, needs and goals we each have and employ into our own conscious being.

Each of our dreams has its own place. Each of them has an alternate centralized aspect involved toward achievement. All of them are important. However, if one does not differentiate between them as to which is the most desirable, then attainment of any of them will be less likely. And so, here is presented a factual truth:

“Defining your dream” means finding that one, special, specific and main chief desire that you want more than anything else!

Of all the things you want, what do you want most? It could be anything at all you want it to be. What really trips your happiness trigger and makes you feel the best when thinking about it? What is it that would make your life “complete” if you had it? What is it that would define “success” to you? Answer these and you will have your most definitive, main chief desire! It is as simple as that.

With this specific item of desire in mind—no matter how big or outrageously unattainable it may seem to be—you now have the power to make a reality of your dream, and have it! Why? Because rather than merely having a myriad of abstract dreams and wants dancing around aimlessly in your thoughts, each of which you apply no particular focus to more than the others, you now have a directive of purpose in mind and are explicitly focused toward one dream. And it is that precisely concentrated focus that will make it happen!

So, here lies the next question. Now that you have your definite chief aim fully realized, what do you do with it?

First, implant it firmly in your mind by keeping it at the forefront of your thoughts and holding consistent focus toward it. One very helpful way to do this is to write it down and place it where you will see it every day! Second, start taking whatever action may be required—such as, for example, learning the characteristic things pertaining to your desire and utilizing that knowledge to expand your progressions. Third, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by the inevitable naysayers who tell you it can’t be done, or that you can’t do it; which leads to the final item of vital importance—believe in yourself, and firmly believe you will obtain it!

Naturally, there follows yet another query; How does it (the attainment of the desire) come to pass? Ultimately, it will happen because you will make it so through your driven consistency in determination! In the interim of the process, however, you will be finding things happening in your life that will help you to achieve its reality—and this is because you will “pull” these things, whether consciously intended or not, to you. Like attracts like! Your very thoughts and actions will bring the right people, opportunities, events and situations into your life, which will continually propel you forward until you have achieved your dream!

Perhaps an example of this process may be in order? Okay, no problem…

Let’s build an imaginary scenario here where you are the key character, and we’ll say, theoretically, you absolutely love sports in general, and are an avid participant in many. Whether the activities are done or played inside, outside, during the summertime or wintertime, you like to be involved. In fact, playing sports is what makes you feel the happiest and most fulfilled. Because of this, you decide that being a professional athlete is what you really want to do with your life.

That’s a good start to realizing your dreams, yes; but you know that you will need to pick only one to work with consistently in order to become the best you can be at it. So, in which sport is it—exactly—that you are most interested in becoming a professional? Moreover, what is it you want to ultimately achieve as that professional? This is where finding your chief aim comes into play.

Close introspection reveals that, in general, you are quite good at each of the various sports you engage in, and so, a decision needs to be made. You like them all—but which “one” do you love? The ones you are good at bring certain pleasures, yes; but then again, consideration of the ones you excel at best should be your main deciding factor. Let’s say your very best abilities happen to be prominent in wintertime sports, which narrows your choices to only a few. Of these, snowboarding and downhill skiing are your favorites, and you impartially love both of them the same. And so, a thorough examination of your true talents and your innermost feelings of comfort and pleasure in each is necessary to help whittle down your final choices to the “one.”

Last year’s winter sports state tournaments brought you two prizes—placing second in the downhill, and fourth in snowboarding. Your downhill talents are really good, although your style still needs quite a bit of work. Your snowboarding skills are actually quite exceptional, and the only reason you placed fourth is because another racer accidentally tripped you up. You know darn well that had that not happened, you would have probably won!

In continued thought you realize that although the downhill excites you, it is the snowboarding that exhilarates you! In fact, you also realize that over the past years you actually spent more time practicing on the board than on the skis, and it’s now obvious to you why—because that’s the one you love to do the most! Okay, now you know for certain what will be the sport you will concentrate on! The epiphany makes you smile.

Suddenly, a vision comes to your mind, and you let yourself fall into the resulting pleasant feelings…

You are gliding almost effortlessly down a snow track, riding the berms with absolute precision and stomping the jumps with awesomely perfect technique. It appears you are all alone—no, wait—there are others, and they are behind you! A moment later you begin hearing a growing noise…a defined roar in your ears…and it’s not the rushing wind passing by them; it’s something else. The sound is familiar, but you haven’t quite figured it out yet. Another jump and you are soaring freely through the air, and…”wait a sec! What is that?”

At the bottom of the track you see a large crowd of people—no, an immensely huge crowd—surrounding the finish gate area! That’s the sound you are hearing! It is the roar of their cheers! Then you notice something else standing proudly behind the crowd, and it makes your heart skip a beat. There is a sign. Actually, it is a billboard. No…it’s even bigger than that! Upon its face rests a simple design, but one that is definitely familiar to you—five rings of different color in an interlocking pattern sitting upon a sea of white! It is an unmistakable sight! It is the official symbol of the Olympics!

Just as you glide smoothly over the finish line—your opponents still trailing behind—you raise your arms in ecstatic victory as you hear the thunderous cheers applauding your win! Even over the excited din, however, you hear a single voice over the loudspeakers calling out your name and record setting time! You are a champion! You are a super star!

Ahh, but the vision is not yet completed. The scene changes and you now find yourself in a different location, standing on the top-most level of a three-tiered platform. Someone approaches you and holds out their hands, which are holding between them a thick blue ribbon necklace—and hanging from that, a large, solid gold medallion. You bend forward and the ribbon is placed around your neck…and then you stand again, feeling the wonderful weight of your ultimate prize resting over your heart…


This vision, by the way, has happened because you have found your one chief aim. It may, of course, have happened anyway, yet it would have been presented to you more as a fleeting, day dreamy image—in a, “yeah, that would be cool” sort of way—and would have soon been forgotten. But since you have placed an intense focus on what you now know is your main goal in life, its image is now implanted permanently in your mind—never to be forgotten!

We are still in our theoretical scenario, so let us continue. You have identified your directive of purpose, i.e., what you want to be; and you’ve “seen” where you want to go with it, i.e., becoming a professional snowboarder in the Olympics—and winning “the gold”—as your ultimate goal. With this, you have firmly defined your specific, main desire. So, you now have the power to make a reality of your dream, and have it!

The vision of seeing yourself realizing your dream, and having actually attained it already, is what needs to be kept at the forefront of your thoughts. That is your main objective. That is your ultimate goal. This purpose of thought will now drive you forward to take action.

During the following winters you spend your time on the slopes every day developing and fine-tuning your skills. During the off-seasons you concentrate on two things. First, keeping yourself in physical shape by running, exercising and utilizing a skateboard as your alternate source to keep practicing; and second, plugging in to all the information you can find on the subject of snowboarding through conducting Internet research, reading and participating in snowboarders’ blogs, reviewing magazine articles, and studying other boarders’ techniques on the cable sports channels.

All the while you keep a consistently unbreakable belief in yourself, your abilities and talents, and the dream you know will be achieved. Through your activities you are meeting all the right people, gaining acquaintances and contacts, making friends, finding mentors. Opportunities abound. Your skills hone to perfection. Your name becomes known as a winner through participation in numerous events. And finally, a certain coach approaches you and asks if you would like to join his team. The Olympic team!

The next thing you know you’re at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games. You’ve made it! Now, your greatest achievement is about to be realized! Two days later you find yourself gliding effortlessly down the snow track, riding the berms with absolute precision and stomping the jumps with awesomely perfect technique. You are out in front of the pack, and as you launch over the final jump you hear the thunderous roar of the crowd…and then as you cross the finish line, a voice over the loudspeakers announcing your name and record setting time…

That afternoon, you stand tall and proud atop the winners platform, the weight of your gold medal resting against your chest. You are a champion. You have achieved your dream…

And so ends our theoretical example, for it explains this concept of defining your dream as well as I could do otherwise anyway. I believe I have exemplified my point for the moment, and will end this writing here before it turns into a novel—even though I do have a great deal more I could say about this subject!

In closing, I would like to say that it is imperative to know exactly where you want to go with your life—where you want to be in your future—and to have that one chief goal in mind to achieve what you want to be. Yes, there will be steps along the way you will have to deal with. Take them. But keep your main dream as your focal point! I’ll reiterate my initial question, “Do you want to be successful?” Define your dream! Do so, and you will attain it!

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