The Journey… continued #4

Define Your Dream


Do you want to be successful? Define your dream!

Please pardon the redundancy, but I would like to first relay a specific thought from my previous article to begin here:

“There is no instruction for using the imagination, nor is there a certain directive for utilizing dreams. That particular processing is entirely up to you. On the other hand, using the imagination wisely and properly focusing on your dreams as the driving force to obtain your deepest desires will provide your avenue to a happy, fulfilling and successful life!”

Dreams are, indeed, a useful tool—especially those that define one’s innermost desires to gain a particular thing or achieve a certain goal. In fact, the importance of dreaming, both consciously and subconsciously, should not be taken lightly. Dreams are absolutely crucial to determining the outcome of obtaining what one wants!

To be perfectly clear on this, I should clarify that I am not referring within this writing to “night dreams,” or those we have when we sleep. Rather, I will be focused to those types of dreams that are the consciously inclined, and to the productive ones that are subconsciously implanted. In this, the dreams I speak of, as referenced here, are those that are the internal wants, needs and goals we each have and employ into our own conscious being.

Each of our dreams has its own place. Each of them has an alternate centralized aspect involved toward achievement. All of them are important. However, if one does not differentiate between them as to which is the most desirable, then attainment of any of them will be less likely. And so, here is presented a factual truth:

“Defining your dream” means finding that one, special, specific and main chief desire that you want more than anything else!

Of all the things you want, what do you want most? It could be anything at all you want it to be. What really trips your happiness trigger and makes you feel the best when thinking about it? What is it that would make your life “complete” if you had it? What is it that would define “success” to you? Answer these and you will have your most definitive, main chief desire! It is as simple as that.

With this specific item of desire in mind—no matter how big or outrageously unattainable it may seem to be—you now have the power to make a reality of your dream, and have it! Why? Because rather than merely having a myriad of abstract dreams and wants dancing around aimlessly in your thoughts, each of which you apply no particular focus to more than the others, you now have a directive of purpose in mind and are explicitly focused toward one dream. And it is that precisely concentrated focus that will make it happen!

So, here lies the next question. Now that you have your definite chief aim fully realized, what do you do with it?

First, implant it firmly in your mind by keeping it at the forefront of your thoughts and holding consistent focus toward it. One very helpful way to do this is to write it down and place it where you will see it every day! Second, start taking whatever action may be required—such as, for example, learning the characteristic things pertaining to your desire and utilizing that knowledge to expand your progressions. Third, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by the inevitable naysayers who tell you it can’t be done, or that you can’t do it; which leads to the final item of vital importance—believe in yourself, and firmly believe you will obtain it!

Naturally, there follows yet another query; How does it (the attainment of the desire) come to pass? Ultimately, it will happen because you will make it so through your driven consistency in determination! In the interim of the process, however, you will be finding things happening in your life that will help you to achieve its reality—and this is because you will “pull” these things, whether consciously intended or not, to you. Like attracts like! Your very thoughts and actions will bring the right people, opportunities, events and situations into your life, which will continually propel you forward until you have achieved your dream!

Perhaps an example of this process may be in order? Okay, no problem…

Let’s build an imaginary scenario here where you are the key character, and we’ll say, theoretically, you absolutely love sports in general, and are an avid participant in many. Whether the activities are done or played inside, outside, during the summertime or wintertime, you like to be involved. In fact, playing sports is what makes you feel the happiest and most fulfilled. Because of this, you decide that being a professional athlete is what you really want to do with your life.

That’s a good start to realizing your dreams, yes; but you know that you will need to pick only one to work with consistently in order to become the best you can be at it. So, in which sport is it—exactly—that you are most interested in becoming a professional? Moreover, what is it you want to ultimately achieve as that professional? This is where finding your chief aim comes into play.

Close introspection reveals that, in general, you are quite good at each of the various sports you engage in, and so, a decision needs to be made. You like them all—but which “one” do you love? The ones you are good at bring certain pleasures, yes; but then again, consideration of the ones you excel at best should be your main deciding factor. Let’s say your very best abilities happen to be prominent in wintertime sports, which narrows your choices to only a few. Of these, snowboarding and downhill skiing are your favorites, and you impartially love both of them the same. And so, a thorough examination of your true talents and your innermost feelings of comfort and pleasure in each is necessary to help whittle down your final choices to the “one.”

Last year’s winter sports state tournaments brought you two prizes—placing second in the downhill, and fourth in snowboarding. Your downhill talents are really good, although your style still needs quite a bit of work. Your snowboarding skills are actually quite exceptional, and the only reason you placed fourth is because another racer accidentally tripped you up. You know darn well that had that not happened, you would have probably won!

In continued thought you realize that although the downhill excites you, it is the snowboarding that exhilarates you! In fact, you also realize that over the past years you actually spent more time practicing on the board than on the skis, and it’s now obvious to you why—because that’s the one you love to do the most! Okay, now you know for certain what will be the sport you will concentrate on! The epiphany makes you smile.

Suddenly, a vision comes to your mind, and you let yourself fall into the resulting pleasant feelings…

You are gliding almost effortlessly down a snow track, riding the berms with absolute precision and stomping the jumps with awesomely perfect technique. It appears you are all alone—no, wait—there are others, and they are behind you! A moment later you begin hearing a growing noise…a defined roar in your ears…and it’s not the rushing wind passing by them; it’s something else. The sound is familiar, but you haven’t quite figured it out yet. Another jump and you are soaring freely through the air, and…”wait a sec! What is that?”

At the bottom of the track you see a large crowd of people—no, an immensely huge crowd—surrounding the finish gate area! That’s the sound you are hearing! It is the roar of their cheers! Then you notice something else standing proudly behind the crowd, and it makes your heart skip a beat. There is a sign. Actually, it is a billboard. No…it’s even bigger than that! Upon its face rests a simple design, but one that is definitely familiar to you—five rings of different color in an interlocking pattern sitting upon a sea of white! It is an unmistakable sight! It is the official symbol of the Olympics!

Just as you glide smoothly over the finish line—your opponents still trailing behind—you raise your arms in ecstatic victory as you hear the thunderous cheers applauding your win! Even over the excited din, however, you hear a single voice over the loudspeakers calling out your name and record setting time! You are a champion! You are a super star!

Ahh, but the vision is not yet completed. The scene changes and you now find yourself in a different location, standing on the top-most level of a three-tiered platform. Someone approaches you and holds out their hands, which are holding between them a thick blue ribbon necklace—and hanging from that, a large, solid gold medallion. You bend forward and the ribbon is placed around your neck…and then you stand again, feeling the wonderful weight of your ultimate prize resting over your heart…


This vision, by the way, has happened because you have found your one chief aim. It may, of course, have happened anyway, yet it would have been presented to you more as a fleeting, day dreamy image—in a, “yeah, that would be cool” sort of way—and would have soon been forgotten. But since you have placed an intense focus on what you now know is your main goal in life, its image is now implanted permanently in your mind—never to be forgotten!

We are still in our theoretical scenario, so let us continue. You have identified your directive of purpose, i.e., what you want to be; and you’ve “seen” where you want to go with it, i.e., becoming a professional snowboarder in the Olympics—and winning “the gold”—as your ultimate goal. With this, you have firmly defined your specific, main desire. So, you now have the power to make a reality of your dream, and have it!

The vision of seeing yourself realizing your dream, and having actually attained it already, is what needs to be kept at the forefront of your thoughts. That is your main objective. That is your ultimate goal. This purpose of thought will now drive you forward to take action.

During the following winters you spend your time on the slopes every day developing and fine-tuning your skills. During the off-seasons you concentrate on two things. First, keeping yourself in physical shape by running, exercising and utilizing a skateboard as your alternate source to keep practicing; and second, plugging in to all the information you can find on the subject of snowboarding through conducting Internet research, reading and participating in snowboarders’ blogs, reviewing magazine articles, and studying other boarders’ techniques on the cable sports channels.

All the while you keep a consistently unbreakable belief in yourself, your abilities and talents, and the dream you know will be achieved. Through your activities you are meeting all the right people, gaining acquaintances and contacts, making friends, finding mentors. Opportunities abound. Your skills hone to perfection. Your name becomes known as a winner through participation in numerous events. And finally, a certain coach approaches you and asks if you would like to join his team. The Olympic team!

The next thing you know you’re at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games. You’ve made it! Now, your greatest achievement is about to be realized! Two days later you find yourself gliding effortlessly down the snow track, riding the berms with absolute precision and stomping the jumps with awesomely perfect technique. You are out in front of the pack, and as you launch over the final jump you hear the thunderous roar of the crowd…and then as you cross the finish line, a voice over the loudspeakers announcing your name and record setting time…

That afternoon, you stand tall and proud atop the winners platform, the weight of your gold medal resting against your chest. You are a champion. You have achieved your dream…

And so ends our theoretical example, for it explains this concept of defining your dream as well as I could do otherwise anyway. I believe I have exemplified my point for the moment, and will end this writing here before it turns into a novel—even though I do have a great deal more I could say about this subject!

In closing, I would like to say that it is imperative to know exactly where you want to go with your life—where you want to be in your future—and to have that one chief goal in mind to achieve what you want to be. Yes, there will be steps along the way you will have to deal with. Take them. But keep your main dream as your focal point! I’ll reiterate my initial question, “Do you want to be successful?” Define your dream! Do so, and you will attain it!

The Journey…continued #3



Have you ever flown before? I have, and do it quite often.

By flying, however, I am not referring to riding in an airplane or using other methods of lifting oneself into the air – but rather flying freely on your own…with no apparent utilization of any paraphernalia other than your own “self.”

“Impossible!” you say? Heh…hardly! Not with imagination it isn’t. Let me show you…

Ahh, it is a beautiful day. Nearly a cloudless sky! What few wispy images of cloud there is, the sun is shining brightly through them – casting only the faintest of shadow below. The brightness is quite exhilarating…the warmth is perfect.

As I walk out toward the lake soaking in these phenomenal feelings I notice a pair of chicken hawks floating lazily above, slowly circling and happily drifting upon invisible air currents. I see as well a multitude of chickadees playing with their mates…zipping about without a single care. I spot an eagle…and watch as she soars freely in her search for food.

I smile, and then purposefully lift myself to join them – rising into the sky…higher and higher. Soon I am observing the lazy flight of the chicken hawks again…only this time, from above them! I have lost sight of the eagle, as perhaps she has moved on to a new location, or returned to her nest. That’s okay though – I have my own flight to focus on and enjoy as well…

I continue on, sometimes slowly, sometimes so fast that even a jet would have a hard time keeping up! All the while, I feel the awesome pleasures of freedom…of serenity and peace…of being one with the sky. Floating, zooming upward and then free-falling, diving, flipping, soaring, darting around as quickly as the chickadees – even as quick as the hummingbirds – or drifting along on a cushion of air…these are the things making my venture so absolutely wonderful. The intensity of my experience leaves me breathless…

After a long while of my playfulness, and finally tiring myself out completely, it is time to land now. I see my home in the distance…


Imagination is the spice of life. It is, indeed, what dreams are made of; and I will touch on that momentarily. It is also the key element of the basic fundamentals of our thoughts. In fact, without it, the very fabric of life itself would have no meaning – or use.

As I said before (in an earlier article) when speaking of the power of thought, the mind is powerful – the core of our being, the driving force to cause everything we do, say, encounter, and act upon. The mind, however, has its own driving force…that of imagination!

To better explain, it is our imagination that leads us forward – and yes, in every aspect. Nothing is automatic. Nothing happens without first being “pictured” in mind. In fact, whether you realize it or not, every move you make is initially foreseen through the imagination, and then acted upon. This can develop as a purposeful thought or daydream, or may occur in the flash of an instant – such as in the case of habit or reflex – but it happens nonetheless.

Take for instance your normal, daily routine when arising from bed in the mornings. Brushing your teeth and hair, taking a shower or bath, pouring your coffee, sitting down to breakfast, perhaps reading the newspaper, turning on the television or radio, or checking your computer could be among the things you do. Yet, each of them happen only because your imagination has first relayed the information TO do it!

The most-times imperceptible nuances of imagination, even in routine things, are ever-present, ever working, ever-moving us in all we do. In truth, imagination is the first stepping-stone taken by the mind to direct any following action. It is the seed from which everything grows and produces – whether tangible, or intangible.

In the imaginative thought sequence I mentioned earlier grew a quick journey of mind, based on a mere dream, or rather desire, to want to fly like a bird. Will that ever come to fruition in reality as we know it? Will our physical bodies ever achieve that sort of natural function? Probably not! However, who’s to say that Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t have that very dream? Who’s to say that from that dream came our ability to “fly” as we do today? One way or the other, it was their imagination that led to making that dream come true!

And so we come to dreams – the sister counterpart of imagination.

Many people think of dreams as the subconscious meanderings of mind during periods of sleep. They are correct. Other folk think of dreams as the personal desires and/or goals thought of by the conscious mind when fully awake. They are correct as well. Dreams are, in fact, whatever any individual wishes to think of them as; and yet, in a literal sense, dreams are the result of imagination – be they conscious or subconscious.

Conscious dreams are the “stuff” that reality is built upon. The dream of humans taking flight is but one example. The dream of walking on the moon is another. In a personal venue, perhaps one dreams of owning their own business, or dreams of owning their own home…finding a compatible mate to marry…owning the newest BMW or Mercedes…being a millionaire…taking a trip to Paris – we could mention a list as long as the Amazon river here, for there are countless dreams!

There are also countless routes the subconscious mind will go when we sleep. Although these types of dreams appear to be inconsistent with reality, they are still the result of what we make them…through the thoughts we carry when falling asleep. A peaceful state of mind will present “good” dreams, whereas the uneasiness of worry, doubt, or personal dilemma will most times bring about distasteful, nightmarish images. Either way, they are created by our imagination.

In my book, Comes the Light, are found several examples of dreams – both of the conscious and the subconscious sort. The components of each are clarified exponentially in accordance to exemplifying not only the usefulness of dreams, but the power of imagination as well…and how they, working together along with other concepts I have, and will soon be explaining, created the resulting reality – which, in fact, is my reality. Let not the fictional aspects of the story keep you from understanding that the underlying concepts are based upon fact and true reality.

There is no instruction for using the imagination, nor is there a certain directive for utilizing dreams. That particular processing is entirely up to you. On the other hand, using the imagination wisely and properly focusing on your dreams as the driving force to obtain your deepest desires will provide your avenue to a happy, fulfilling and successful life!

Imagination – the basic resource of all life’s capabilities. Dreams – the “stuff” reality is built upon. Both are different, and yet, one and the same. Together, they are vital to furthering one’s progressions.


23 February, 2011 – I am posting this letter from my dear friend Krystina – whom will be known to those having read my story – as sent to me this day…my first anniversary of the official release of Comes the Light:


Hello, Krystian, my extraordinary author friend!

On this fine day, I hope – within every ounce of my being – that you are truly celebrating the anniversary of your amazing accomplishment! Yes, today marks one earthly year that Dauphaign’s story, and the wisdom you have imparted within it, has been available to the peoples in your world.

We are celebrating here – won’t you join us? In fact, I know many waiting here with me who would be HIGHLY disappointed if you did not! Look in your crystal ball provided by Eustel, and you shall observe this truth for yourself. While the masses of your world are just now beginning to awaken to the fact that a new author’s talents are on the horizon of recognition, those who have already ventured forth to receive your message – your storytelling – your… well…your ‘YOU’-ness – have spoken loud and clear!

They marvel at the way their minds have been opened and how the journey seems to take them within so that they too, may experience the extraordinary. And yet – I do feel strongly that this is only the surface and initial expression of what they are now feeling. Speaking only for myself, the story captures the essence of Dauphaign’s world beautifully – it lives within oneself – so that each thought gleaned from its reading starts as a seed and then grows, eventually and at one’s own pace, to encompass the wonderment of what IS – truth, reality, potential, and clarity that the power of thought and desire to reach limitless heights never before imagined – is not only attainable, but is our destiny!

Yes, today is the beginning of your tomorrows, the continuance of a desire so pure and benevolent that you will, indeed, succeed in your future – as well as with your efforts to further enlighten others by releasing the remainder of the tale…

Congratulations, my dear Krystian – this day is special – do not let it pass without the thoughtful and positive reflection that is due! Might you consider – after making an appearance here in Dauphaign to join your many friends awaiting to congratulate you – that this evening you and I spend relaxed time at the fountain devoted to reflection on the same? The wine will be waiting, as will I – with a smile and a hug warmer than any we’ve ever shared to date, and we can focus on the amazing future of your works, and our beautiful friendship as well.

May your day be fantastic, your smile brighter than the sun, and the warm feelings of accomplishment swirling throughout you take you to wonderful heights! I shall see you later, my Knight…count on it!

~ Krystina


…and here, my response to her:

ahhh, and hello to you as well, my dearest Krystina!

M’Lady has presented a welcome gift with your letter, as yes, today marks an awesome milestone – albeit “forgotten” by yours truly…or rather merely “misplaced” if you will…due to the meanderings of mind toward yet further progressions. Not, of course, that you, and Dauphaign, and all my wonderful friends there are not always present in mind, but more that the significance of this particular day had simply refrained from registering as the special anniversary it is — and here is presented a shy smile in accordance to my absent-mindedness…

As such, yes, I will most definitely join you in Dauphaign for the celebration! Be it far from me to disappoint those who mean so very much to me! Before I make my travel however, I would like to make request myself…that you and the peoples of Dauphaign tune in to what I am showing from my crystal ball…that I am now placing at my front window…

“This, my friends, is what a snowfall in MY world looks like. You will notice my sentinels standing strong and silent with their newest cloaks of white…as well as the grounds of Krystalin’s dress flowing white with its own majestic magnificence. Beyond that is the lake – which here is now not seen because the strength of the snowfall blinds all laying further than Krystalin’s physical touch. Is it not beautiful? Perhaps now you may all better understand the peaceful pleasures I enjoy in the winter months here in this world…”

And to you, Krystina, I say…thank you. Your sentiments touch me deeply, and the congratulations are received well! I am proud, and yet at the same time humbled, to be the fortunate one to share Dauphaign’s story…and to be so attributed – as you present here – as being the one sanctioned to do so! I am most sincerely happy indeed to provide the peoples of this world the extraordinary experience you speak of…which, in truth, would not have been possible without my own experiences in yours! In this, I too marvel at the journey…

Yes, this day is special – and I shall surely not let it pass without the thoughtful and positive reflection that is due…which ultimately, will be shared with my very best of friends…my Krystina…and her peoples. Consider my considerations “done”…as, yes, I will first join the celebration…then be extremely happy to join you this eve at the fountain! None else would satisfy this day’s specialness better! I anxiously await the hug promised…and the wine, tipped in glass to cheer is also anticipated…for the amazing future ahead of us both comes forth with a smile bigger than all the heavens. You are a phenomenal friend, M’Lady…and our friendship shall surely endure the eternities before us!

And so, yes my friend, this day will undoubtedly be fantastic…my smile is already envied by the sun…and I rest happily enveloped within my accomplishments…your hugs…and the wonderfully extraordinary friendship we share…

Be thee well – I shall see you at the palace!

~ Krystian

The Journey…continued

The Mind, and the Power of Thought


The mind is an incredibly wonderful thing.

Defined in its individual capacity within each and every one of us, it is who we are…what we are—it is the one everlasting component that identifies us each separately as “me.” The mind is all at once our “I”ness, our spirit, personality, character, and our avenue to the existence we have and live with.

Without it…we are nothing.

Let us be clear here that the mind is not our brain, for the brain is merely the material vessel that controls the physical body—its motor movements, organ functions, sexual drive, and all the ongoing reproductive processes keeping our physical aspects in order and as healthy as possible. The brain therefore, is indeed extremely vital to our self-preservations. This is a fact. And yet, it is only the tool utilized to drive us forward physically.

The mind, on the other hand, is not of material substance. It is an ethereal presence not contained within any physical object, including our body. So far as we know, it simply “is”…though invisible, untouchable, and unable to be physically identified. Even so, the mind “is” nonetheless, and although it exists in a non-tangible state, it is the central core of our very being.

By way of quickly examining the presence of mind in an understandable venue, we can easily liken it to that of the user of a computer—which is as well likened to the brain, whereas both cannot be fully functional without the user. To explain: a computer, like the brain, is an awesome structure of endurance and infinite intelligence—with capabilities so extensive that the true potentials of power may never be fully known. However, neither can initially operate, or later, be improved upon, without the input and guidance of the “user.” We know, of course, that both run well all on their own through the “natural” resources given them; and yet, a computer, as is again the brain, is utterly useless without first being turned on, tuned in and then programmed with the right information to function properly and carry out its duties. And how does this happen? By, or through, the user

The user—or rather, the mind—is the programmer. And how does it program? Through thought! Please note, if you will, that the details involved in attempting to explain what the mind “is” are so vast and in-depth that I will bypass the effort—for now. Instead, it is here I would like to expound a bit on the power of thought…the key ingredient that makes the mind what it is; at least as it is known to us at this time.

Commit this to memory…”I am the Master of my thoughts!”

Realization of this fact is important, as you are—indeed—the only personage who can, does, or ever will have control over your own thoughts. Yes, they can be “directed” by other outside influences—e.g., family, friends, local and world events, economic circumstances, etc—yet, only if one allows it! Ultimately, the information programmed into your “computer” is what you, the user, give consent to receiving and inputting, and then give consistent thought and focus to. As such, your personal programming produces the life you lead—be it good—or not so good—ultimately representing your existence.

And so, why bog down your thoughts with negatives, when you can fill them with productive, creative, intellectually inclined positive thoughts that will make everything in life more fulfilling? The answer should be obvious.

Keep this also in mind… “What I want, wants me! Anything I can dream, anything I can imagine, anything I desire…I can have!”

“Why should I do that?” you may ask. Or, “Why should I think the impossible?”

Because within each and every one of us is contained the very ability to make it so!


A quote from Napoleon Hill describes it perfectly, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve!”

Perhaps you may ask, “Is that even possible?

Yes, it is!

“So…” you ask further, “what is this ability?”

Simply put, it is the one single source that makes all things possible—our thoughts.

We have the inherent ability—and privilege—to control our thoughts. And with this ability comes the gift of “power!” And with this power is instilled the available source and avenue to gain…to achieve…to have…our deepest desires!

Stated by Earl Nightengale in his writings within “The Strangest Secret,” is one of the most profoundly given truths of all time:

“You will become what you think about most often…”

Thus, thought itself is, and has been through the expanse of human existence, the driving force behind each and every feeling, desire, ambition, creation, action and attainment of every successful endeavor anyone has ever had…or still to this day wishes to have. And yes, thought is also responsible for every failure as well.

It is thought that assimilates the foundation of our lives upon which we build. Now, whether we utilize those thoughts productively toward positive self-fulfillment…or toward substandard mediocrity…is totally up to the individual. The choice is yours to make. It is up to you, and you alone.

So, how can one keep tuned to the positives and lay aside the negatives? First, by focusing toward whatever it may be that makes you feel the best, and then retaining that feeling as consistently as possible. Happiness does not allow negativities! Second, by always keeping in mind your most desirable goal—that one most specific aim in life, no matter how big—and the belief that you will attain it! Third, by continually learning and educating yourself with the “right” things—especially in absorbing into your being only those things you know will move you forward. And fourth, by realizing that anything, or anyone, that cannot or does not help to take you to the next higher step in your journey to a successful life is an obstacle—one which ultimately must require disengagement, or at the minimum, detour.

The advantage of learning and “educating” oneself—and here I refer not only to formal schooling, but also to the “school of life,” where one is exposed to far more learning opportunities—is that it is the prime stepping-stone in gathering the information, facts, and knowledge to set the stage for one’s future. And by “future” I refer to the continuing “tomorrows” we each have to keep learning and progressing. This staging then represents the establishment of one’s ability to further build upon our basic foundation that which will propel us to greater and greater heights.

Contrarily, without this advantage of self-educating ourselves properly is found yet another foundation—that of ignorance to the powers of mind we really possess. Upon this foundation is built personal dissatisfaction, boredom, laziness, procrastination, incompetence…you get the picture…and thus, the terrible feelings and resulting consequences of failure—something that should be avoided at all cost.

Thought, backed by educated and factual knowledge, is therefore the vital means to an end. It is the path most taken to have, or not have, what you want. It is self-mastery of your thoughts that will lead you to success…in every aspect of your life. Likewise, it is the lack of self-mastery of thoughts and mind that will cause your own failures. Remember these two points well, for you truly are the only one who can, or will, provide your future progressions—whatever they may be—in attaining failure…or ultimate success!

Yes, there are outside influences. Yes, there are those who may try to control you. Yes, there will be negative happenings going on in the world around you, which may or may not directly affect you physically. So be it. Take it in stride, as these things will surely occur, but realize that you have the power to accept or deny those things into your life and to direct your own reality! Sometimes you have to “let happen what happens” in the outside world, but you always have the bottom line control of you! Note, and take this to heart: nothing outside of “you” can determine how your life will be led, unless you allow it to be so.

One important factor to also bear in mind is that the physical self (your body) may encounter periods of uncontrolled non-usage. This, of course, is usually accomplished by constraints—physical, mental or otherwise—put upon you by others, or moreover, by yourself. Even in this, however, your thoughts…your mind…can never be constrained! It is always free…always in action…always in motion—whether you realize it or not. And thus comes the reason why one should always focus toward the positive and productive avenues of thought. One can either allow self-subjugation to outside influence and submission to the whims and directives of others, including so-called “authority,” or stand firm in personal resolve to direct yourself as you see fit.

Through the power of thought alone you have the ability to toss away any undesirable emotional baggage, any fears, and any negative habits that may be holding you down. Then, in place of those self-destructive things, you have the opportunity to create a more positive and powerful “self”—one that will be much more to your liking!

The magic key to unlock the door to your successful future is in your hands. Rather, it is in your mind. Be who you want to be! Yes, you are the master of your thoughts. You are the master of your mind, life and destiny!

Think about it…

The Journey…



A student…a teacher – in both, I am; and as both, I shall remain.

This should, in fact, be a fact, for all of us. Should one ever feel they “know it all,” or ever feel that there is “no more to learn”…they will have failed. At least, failed themself. In truth, gaining knowledge and learning is a never-ending process, an exponential journey…so vast and expansive that it boggles the imagination! No one person can, or will, ever know “everything” about anything – it is that simple.

“Why is that?” you may ask. Because no matter how much one may learn or develop their knowledge base, in anything, there is always a continuous flow of new knowledge available and being added. For example, you learn something…then through repetition and cycling that new knowledge in mind and habit until it becomes second nature, you begin formulating new ideas that improve on what you’ve learned. Whether you keep that new information to yourself or share it with others, you will have still created new knowledge! And, especially if it is shared, it will provide the next person or persons an avenue to learn, and then expand on it as well!

“Forever a student!” is my motto. To “be a teacher,” my desire. Think about it. We all should be – and be both!

A student – continuously learning and ever-progressing one’s mind and self. Never being satisfied with “where I am,” but rather always striving to be more. Always self-analyzing…figuring out what fits “me” best – personally, socially, and work-wise – then finding that special “niche” and moving forward…again and again.

How do we do this? By reading productive books and listening to constructive audios daily, researching, studying the things that interest us the most, learning from those who we look up to – who have what we want, and have been where we are presently – and focusing our thoughts to wanting more…then adhering to our own values, wants, needs, desires and dreams…our learnings…and most importantly, to our chief aim/goal in life!

A teacher – continuously sharing and ever-progressing one’s own knowledge and learnings. Never being satisfied with what can be gained…absorbed…then taught. Always striving for more – for self, and for others. Always searching for new things to propel everyone forward. Someone who is never afraid to step up and present new ideas, concepts…new avenues of thinking. Someone who finds their “niche,” and proceeds to disperse their knowledge and expertise amongst the masses.

It is our inherent pleasure to be student. It is our evolving priviledge to be teacher. Though separate…they are as one. Together, they make a “whole.” Together…they bring what is most desired by all – personal success!


Nearly midnight, 31 December, 2010:

As a new member of the NAIWE association, I would like to introduce myself…

Krystian Knight is the name…writing and art is my game!

Yes, I’m sure that sounds cliche’, and yet, it really is a good way to express my love and passion for writing and the general arts.  I invite you to take a look at my profile to get an initial idea of the life-long importance and vital role they have played in my life.

As the clock ticks ever closer to the midnight hour this night, I reflect on the events I have experienced that have ultimately brought me to this pleasing moment – that of having embarked on yet another journey…

Speaking of which…here’s a thought…

A journey is but movement in physical traveling…to see what the eyes can see…to experience what the physical presents. But, a journey of self and mind is the most exhilerating of all, for the realms of exploration are endless…the possibilities expansive, and never-ending – and where is found the profound fruits of learned knowledge and expertise, which can spring forth in tale…in written word…to disperse amongst the masses for all to see!

Ahh, yes. I shall surely enjoy the continuing journey…

And so, the clock continues ticking. Closer we come to an ending; and yet new beginning is already showing its presence. I can feel it. It is almost here. The reflections of past fade…and the future, is looking brighter than ever…

2010 – over and out!

Happy New Year to all!

~ Krystian